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Jefferson County’s first full-time “Drug Czar,” Mark Chandler began his career in 1986 as Chief Narcotics Prosecutor in the Jefferson County Prosecutor’s office. In 1990, after many successful drug convictions, Mr. Chandler applied his extensive expertise in criminal law to defense. He has been successfully defending clients from criminal charges ever since.

Today, from his law office in Louisville, Kentucky, he offers skilled and personalized criminal defense representation in a wide variety of cases, including:

Drug cases, including felony and misdemeanor charges such as possession, distribution, trafficking, cultivating and manufacturing
White collar crimes, such as health care fraud, securities fraud, corporate misconduct, mortgage fraud, insurance fraud and more
Federal crime, including conspiracy, drug trafficking, weapons charges, wire fraud, money laundering, mail fraud and tax offenses
State felonies, including weapons offenses, murder and DUI
Pre-indictment defense and grand jury representation for those who have been targeted in criminal investigations
A Reputation You Can Trust

Mr. Chandler’s impressive track record as a criminal defense lawyer has earned him respect among his peers and clients. He attributes his reputation to the high priority he places on client relationships. In order to provide the best defense, he feels it is important to really care about the client – to walk a mile in his or her shoes.

“Defending a client is not just about the legal issues – it’s personal, emotional. We recognize that it’s a stressful time, and we try to make a bad situation as painless as possible.” — Mark Chandler

Beyond the client relationship, Mr. Chandler relies on over 25 years of experience in criminal law to successfully defend his clients. He is well-aware that criminal investigations can devastate people’s lives. Overzealous prosecutors can make good people feel bad. Questions raised during the investigation can color the opinions of colleagues, friends and relatives interviewed. Mr. Chandler takes a proactive approach with pre-emptive investigations that, with careful and meticulous preparation, can turn the tables on the prosecution.

The results speak for themselves. Mr. Chandler has had tremendously successful trial experience, and his opponents know that during pretrial negotiations.

For more information about Mr. Chandler’s background and qualifications, please read his attorney profile below.

Mark D. Chandler
Experience, strong client relationships, and aggressive, proactive defense preparation are the keys to Mr. Chandler’s successful defense record. If you are under investigation or involved in a criminal matter, call the offices of Mark Chandler now at 502-785-8702, or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Drug Charges: The Skilled Defense You Need
Marijuana Offenses
Cocaine, Heroin & Pain Pills
A Proactive And Aggressive Defense Against Federal Charges
Pre-Indictment Defense & Grand Jury Representation
Proactive Criminal Defense Against Felony Charges
A Skilled Defense Against Allegations Of White Collar Crimes
Fraud And Corporate Misconduct
Health Care Fraud
Criminal Defense For College Students
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